SEO Audit for your Website

An SEO Audit can fix and improve your site’s SEO foundation.

If your site has not been optimized for search engines or you are suffering from a bad SEO campaign, an SEO site sweep and audit is one of the most important small investments you can make today.

Parts of an SEO Audit

Technical Audit

  • Site speed
  • Crawl errors / configuration
  • Broad audit on Search Console data
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Sitemap(s) optimization
  • Website architecture
  • JavaScript/CSS optimization
  • Indexability (which pages are indexed & ranking already)
  • Research any penalties served by search engines
  • URL structure
  • Image optimization opportunities
  • Content and optimization of blog posts

Content Audit

  • Audit and fix on-page content for top level pages
  • Headings, alt-tags, keyword density, linking, image optimization, etc.
  • Essentially, getting all green lights on Yoast (watch my presentation)

Competitor Analysis; Identify:

  • What others are already doing in the space, and how successful they are.
  • Areas of opportunity and weaknesses to exploit (non-malicious)
  • What tactics a competitor is using to gain a competitive advantage.


  • Review internal linking strategy
  • Compile a list of top 10-20 links pointing to your website
  • Scan for poor quality backlinks to address.
  • Broken link sweep (discover broken links, fix first 20)

Local SEO

Manually audit and update major local directory listings (Yelp, Facebook, Google).

Unique errors or SEO malpractice reversal will incur additional fees.

Ankora Imparo.

It means “I am still learning” in Latin. It’s an important philosophy to follow when working in search engine optimization. As such a young media platform, it is ever-changing and growing. There is no end to improving search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

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Take a step forward: inquire about an SEO audit.