SEO Foundations

A brief introduction to some of the aspects involved in building a successful SEO campaign.

Content On The Page

If a user is searching for “tennis shoes” they will be looking for a search result that sounds the most related to what they are searching for. If they click on a page that says “Tennis Shoes” but then only one or two tennis shoes are displayed, surrounded by a bunch of boots or other products, they will leave your site and try another search result (your competitor’s website!)

The content on your web pages also must be meticulously written and tagged with consistent words and phrases that support the keyword you want to rank for. Images, headings, text and buttons all must work together.

A great SEO expert will do everything they can to keep users on your website until they convert. A conversion is an action, like when a user fills out a form, calls your phone number, subscribes to a newsletter or makes a purchase.

User Interface

Designing your website to be easy to navigate and find what they’re looking for. If users spend more than a few seconds on your site without finding what they want they will “bounce” (leave your website,) head back to the Google search results page and head to your competitor’s website.

An experienced SEO expert will design your website with clear navigation controls like menus, arrows, and buttons. Colors and branding should be consistent and consider if not require some ADA accessibility compliance.

User Experience (UX)

It is crucial to build web pages that offer very specific information surrounding one keyword. Those pages should be organized in a hierarchy that makes sense to the Google robots that crawl the internet every day.

Creating a thoughtful and logical architecture of web pages with broad topics at the top and specific topics below is the only way to rank on page 1 of Google.

A qualified SEO pro will ensure that the user experience of your website is up to web standards so you capture all potential leads!

Backlinks / Link Building

Simply put, getting other popular and relevant websites to point links back to your web pages is crucial to building your website’s SEO power. I can help you achieve this through ethical, organic and paid methods.

Some methods of link building are guest blogging on authoritative websites, securing listings on directory websites, taking out ads that allow you to link back to your website, and simply generating great content that others want to share on their own website.

Domain Name

Having your most general keyword in the domain of your website is a great (but not required) foundation for SEO. There may be cases when it’s appropriate to buy and use your branded domain ( and/or a generic keyword-based domain (

It is also important to keep your domain sub-pages clean and relevant. Sometimes you’ll see websites with messy URLs – that is not helpful to Google. You’ll want to use keywords and simple words for your sub-pages.

Technical Aspects

Things like page speed, clean and minimized code and organized loading patterns. Fortunately, most platforms and servers handle all the technical and speed-related aspects of SEO these days.

Ankora Imparo.

It means “I am still learning” in Latin. It’s an important philosophy to follow when working in search engine optimization. As such a young media platform, it is ever-changing and growing. There is no end to improving search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.