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About ChadWorks

  • Low-pressure client relations

  • Lightning fast communication

  • No suits or makeup necessary

  • Flexible meeting scheduling & rescheduling

  • Transparency

  • Consultative education

  • Real-time assistance

As an innovative and forward-thinking consultant, I specialize in providing outside-the-box solutions in web design, SEO, and brand management. With a proven track record of driving impactful results, I have helped numerous clients enhance their online presence, improve search rankings, and create compelling brand identities. 

Leveraging my expertise in cutting-edge web technologies and strategic SEO practices, I am passionate about delivering tailored solutions that exceed client expectations and maximize their online visibility. 

By combining creativity, analytical insights, and a deep understanding of brand psychology, I am dedicated to helping businesses thrive in the digital landscape. Let’s collaborate to create a unique and compelling online presence that sets your brand apart from the competition.

About Chad Lewine

Chad began a life of computers at the age of 3. His parents worked from home so they both had computers starting in the early 90s. He cut his teeth on IBMs and quickly became interested in web pages once he got access to the internet at home. Chad was tinkering on every website building platform there was: Tripod, Homestead, Geocities, NetObjects, Dreamweaver, Flash, etc.

He learned the basics and eventual built his first website at the age of 9 for his Tae Kwon Do school  (geared towards kids. He built his second website at 10. It was a fan site for the PC video game Midtown Madness. The site offered cars and maps or other mods for other players to download. He credits customizing the look and feel of Xanga blogs as his induction into the web design space. It was here that he learned the basics of HTML, CSS and Photoshop.

Closing his first website sale in 7th grade, Chad Lewine has been professionally designing websites for over 20 years. He began as a youngster tinkering in MS-DOS, playing computer games and customizing web pages in the AOL days. Graduating from Art Institute of Pittsburgh with an A.S. in Web Design and Interactive Media, Lewine moved to Brooklyn in 2011 for a high-profile agency job. He began freelancing full-time shortly after that.


  • Track and adopt to trends in the marketplace.
  • Leverage technology for the greater good.
  • Teach, share and give generously.
  • Our projects improve or maintain the positive well being of our clients, their associates, and our own company members.

About My Rate & Fees

(Note: custom terms may be available for contract positions.)

Flat Rate Projects

Website project fees are case by case, so please inquire if you might think we are a good fit. Websites for operating businesses start around $3,000. Simpler websites for startups and solopreneurs start around $1,200.


My hourly rate ranges from $100/hr – $150/hr based on the size, revenue and/or other determining traits of a company or organization. Most clients fall at $100/hr.

For hourly projects I bill in blocks of 5 hours, from which I can pull down time in as little as 10 minutes. This allows for more accurate tracking of time worked and tasks completed, giving everyone a little more peace of mind.

5-10 hour blocks expire in 6 months
10+ hour blocks expire in 8 months

If you just want the short answer, it’s because clients take advantage, whether they mean to or not. 

My hours expire because:
I am a one-person operation and after years of getting shafted or threatened in myriad ways, I’ve learned that when I allow time purchased a year ago to be used “today,” I lose. I also can’t logistically afford to work for 1 hour/$100 at a time – I lose there as well – hence the minimum block of hours. 
Most web design companies are far from as transparent and flexible as I am. I have a client that, before me, was paying $1,000/month (yes, a month) for essentially nothing but hosting. Because of my flexibility and reachability, I have learned that clients (whether intentionally or not) take advantage of me if I don’t set terms outright. 
These two terms (minimum purchase and expiration) set expectations and commitments for both parties. 
My Commitment 
For me, it’s a commitment that I’ll turn on a dime and provide white-glove service for a client within this time period, while also giving me peace of mind knowing that the service commitment is not indefinite. This also prevents clients from asking for “unused” money back. I (literally) cannot afford to give money back for any reason.
Client Commitment
For the client, it’s a commitment that they will take a vested interest in my services and will utilize me to further their business/project/initiative. When clients take themselves seriously, they take me seriously. A set duration also allows for a higher quality service to be rendered since there is familiarity with my client’s active situation. 
This set duration also protects you because I am a one-person show and I have the free will to decide to stop doing this at any time. Even if I wanted to stop providing my services today or take a 3 month break, these terms hold me to seeing through any outstanding commitments. 

Baseline Maintenance Plan

If you don’t need regular updates made to the content or appearance of your site, I require most clients to verbally agree to a semi-annual baseline maintenance plan of $500 every 6 months. This allows me to keep their site’s themes, plugins and server updated regularly so it doesn’t break down or become open to attack. It takes some time each month to keep those things up to date. If they aren’t updated for a year, the chance of something going wrong increases with each passing day. It’s cheaper to pay the baseline than to fix problems caused by neglecting a website. This also includes minute changes like swapping a photo, text or other small content every month or so.

Day Rate

My date rate is $525. Hire me for 6 working hours between 9am – 9pm Eastern. I’ll be available to do a blitz on web or graphics for an upcoming event or pitch. Clean up your website, edit or spruce up a brochure, add a new web page, build an email automation, etc. You’ll have my skills at your disposal for the whole day.


WordPress web hosting is $20-30/month. I prefer to host my client’s websites on WPengine, but can work with ultimately any host.

Hosting with other platforms like Squarespace, Wix and Shopify vary from free to $20 or more.